Your Questions Answered

Find answers here to frequently asked questions about cheap whole life insurance quotes.

How long does it take to get a quote?

Once you have completed the easy form on this site with some information and submitted it, you should receive a response back instantly. The whole life providers in our network understand the nature of the competition with other insurers that they have entered into when choosing to use us as a referral site.

How soon can my coverage begin?

After you complete a more detailed application for the insurer you choose after receiving your free quotes from this site, you can be covered in as little as a few weeks to the first of the next calendar month.

If I get a terminal illness, can I withdraw payments from my policy early?

Many companies will allow you to start receiving partial payment to yourself or others from the death benefit (payment) portion of your plan if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness and it can be medically confirmed for the insurer. This benefit is to allow those who are terminally ill to make final preparations themselves or to accomplish any unfinished tasks, dreams or desires in life.

Which provider owns this site?

This website is not owned or operated by any insurer or seller of insurance products.

What if I have been refused coverage before?

The reason why your application was refused will be taken into consideration when deciding whether or not to write a plan with any other company. Underwriting will take into account the reasons you give for why your other plan was refused and may contact the other provider or use other sources to verify the information. Just because one company refuses to write a policy does not mean that they all will.

Can I have more than one life insurance policy?

If you find a legitimate reason for needing more than one plan then you are perfectly free in most states to pick up an additional plan. Be sure you understand your state's rules regarding this, however, or you risk a denial of payment of benefits to your beneficiaries by one or both of the policies after you die.

Can I take out a policy on someone else?

There are strict rules and laws in place regarding taking out coverage on someone else. Unless the person is a minor and a child of yours or you are their guardian, or the person is otherwise under your care you will require their permission -verified by the provider - to take out coverage on their life and you must prove that you have an insurable interest in taking out a plan on them as well.